Today in Middle-Earth: Theoden retreats to Helm’s Deep (March 3rd, 3019 T.A.)

 The trumpets sounded. The horses reared and neighed. Spear clashed on shield. Then the king raised his hand, and with a rush like the sudden onset of a great wind the last host of Rohan rode thundering into the West.

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"Put aside the ranger.

Become who you were born to be.”

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Ranger of the North


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So you’re playing with my feels?


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So you’re playing with my feels?

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lotr memenine characters [2/9] » Faramir

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Look at the wonderful mess that we made

We pick ourselves undone

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The Race of Men Meme
{1/1} ruler » Théoden Ednew, King of Rohan

"Fey he seemed, or the battle-fury of his fathers ran like new fire in his veins, and he was borne up on Snowmane like a god of old."

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middle earth meme | five elves glorfindel

"Still do the Eldar say when they see good fighting at great odds of power against a fury of evil: Alas! ‘Tis Glorfindel and the Balrog."

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What may befall their spirits after death the Elves know not. Some say that they too go to the halls of Mandos; but their place of waiting there is not that of the Elves, and Mandos under Ilúvatar alone save Manwë knows whither they go after the time of recollection in those silent halls beside the Outer Sea. The fate of Men after death, maybe, is not in the hands of the Valar, nor was all foretold in the Music of the Ainur.

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